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          Batching Plant For Sale?

          Use our price calculator to select the best plant and price for your requirements.

          Most Popular Concrete Batching Plant to View

          The batching plants below are our best sellers. The F2200 has an output of between 30 and 45m3/hr and when the plant is doubled up it can deliver between 60 to 90 m3/hr. The B1800 is very popular mobile batching plant. The output of the B1800 is between 20 to 30m3 per hour. The B1200 is very similar to the B1800. The output of the B1200 is between 10 to 16m3 per hour. As you can you have a great range to have a look at.

          Mix Your Own Concrete Any Where Any Time With? Fibo Concrete Batching Plant

          Hello and welcome. My name is Henrik, and I am the CEO of Fibo Intercon concrete batching plant.

          We design and manufacture concrete batching plants. We have concrete batching plants in operation that are over 25 years old, and they are still making their owner’s significant profits.

          I would like to direct you to some very interesting pages on the website.

          Our products section showcases our products from mobile, semi-mobile, and static concrete batching plant.

          The solutions section includes how we have solved some common problems in our sector.

          One of the most important pages is the Return on your Investment page. On this page, I will show you how you can get the best value from your concrete batching plant.

          You can read customer case stories of how they use our plant and what they think of it. They are interesting as you will learn how our customers use the machine. We have lots of happy customers.

          In the about section, you will find our knowledge hub that includes articles on concrete technology, recycling concrete and many more topics. You will also find our event page.

          Henrik’s Recommended Pages To View

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